Monday, 10 September 2012


I don’t know how much I’ve got to say on this one. I’ll have to get a mentor if and when I go for my chartership, though I’ll have to look very carefully into exactly how to choose one. I think I’ve been mentored by a few people informally in my time in libraries so far, especially a few of my ex-managers at MMU, one of whom I learnt a lot from and I was sad when she left.

I’ve also been an informal mentor, for someone on the same MMU shift about a year later. She was keen and eager to learn, constantly came to me for help and advice (which I loved) and asked me a lot about getting on the MA course, which I helped her with as much as I could. She was accepted onto the course about a year ago, and I feel like she would have gone far if her life hadn’t been cut short by DVT (she was 25). I attended her funeral nearly a year ago. That said, I’d love to be an informal mentor for someone else.

Sorry I went morbid, but her death really affected me. I’ll hopefully be back to normal for the next post.

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